AviSec - cost efficient, flat rate Passenger Data Transfer

ARINC’s AviSec service supports the two main requirements of traveller intelligence being mandated by government entities:

  • Guaranteed delivery of Advance Passenger Information to governments
  • Exchange of interactive Authority to Carry requests and responses between carrier and government

ARINC, whose messaging service architecture is the most reliable in the world, provides an unbeatable combination of high value and low cost, with multiple access options.


AviSec Overview | Advanced Passenger Information System & Passenger Name RecordFailure to supply API can land airlines with fines of up to $5,000.
Such mission-critical messaging, therefore, needs to satisfy three main criteria:
  • Utmost reliability
  • End-to-end security
  • Competitive pricing


AviSec Technical Data | Aviation Security SoftwareSuperior technical advantages of AviSec
API – the biographic data contained in passengers’ travel documents, plus itinerary details – must transmitted in the form of batch flight manifests to border control agencies in the destination country.


Commercial Benefits of AviSec | Airline Security DataAviSec helps cuts API costs
For over 80 years, ARINC has been providing critical services to the Aviation Industry. We understand the need to balance the budget without compromising the service.


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